Airganix Fridge Care

Helps keeps your fridge smelling good and your food fresher, longer!

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Airganix Fridge Care
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Bacteria and mould can grow on food in a refrigerator during storage, causing food decay. And when the food decays, its freshness and nutrition deteiorates. The deterioaration of foods result in an offensive odour that is difficult to eradicate. Furthermore, eating decayed food can cause food poisoning with nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and sometimes in extreme cases can even threaten human life.

The refrigerator air purifier helps destory bacteria, clears away the smell and keeps the food fresh through strong oxidization, which is able to disintegrate glucose oxidase and dehydrogenation oxidase. The oxidation process causes the change of bacteria structure and metastasis of its energy resulting in its destruction/death. Over 96% of assorted microbes such as colibacillus and bacillus pyocyaneus contaminating the foods are destroyed within three hours in standard concentration. Hence, the source of effluvium (offensive smells) in the refridgerator is eradicated and the bacterical contamination of food is prevented. This same oxidation process can also prevent odour cross-contamination among foods by oxidizing and disintegrating organic "stink", removing the offensive odours you smell when you open the refridgerator.