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Bonds of Love DVD NEW
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Bonds of Love

The story of an extraordinary love affair between two lost souls: Robby, a slightly retarded man who still lives with his over-protective family, and Rose, whom society regards as a ‘bad’ woman.


Robby Smith and Rose Parks are two lost souls. Mentally disabled and an object of ridicule, Robby still lives with his over-protective family, which has left him feeling both lonely and insecure.

The victim of several abusive marriages, Rose has succumbed to alcoholism, her children have been taken into care and society now regards her as a ‘bad’ woman. Both seem destined for miserable and unfulfilled lives – until a chance meeting on a lonely stretch of country road leads to an extraordinary love affair.

The uplifting story of Robby and Rose is told in BONDS OF LOVE, which stars one of the leading ladies of the 1980s, KELLY McGILLIS (Top Gun, Witness, The Accused), and acclaimed character actor TREAT WILLIAMS (A Streetcar Named Desire, Once Upon a Time in America).

Right from the start, Robby and Rose’s love is under threat as Robby’s family react with horror. A full-scale legal and emotional battle ensues, driving Robby to breaking point as he finds himself torn between his well-intentioned but controlling family and the woman he loves.

Only by proving that he can be an independent and valued member of society can Robby have any hope of a happy future with Rose.

BONDS OF LOVE also stars multiple Emmy Award®-winning Hollywood veteran HAL HOLBROOK (Wall Street, The Firm), GRACE ZABRISKIE (The Big Easy) and STEVE RAILSBACK (Golden Globe nominee for The Stunt Man).

It is written by MARY GALLAGHER (winner of a Writers Guild of America Award for the TV movie Nobody’s Child) and directed by LARRY ELIKANN (Emmy Award® nominated for the mini-series I Know My First Name Is Steven). TREAT WILLIAMS also serves as executive producer.

Certificate: 15 Length: 89 mins approx
Cast: Kelly McGillis, Treat Williams, Hal Holbrook