CALIFRAGULISTIC Extreme Surfing DVD (2004)

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CALIFRAGULISTIC Extreme Surfing DVD (2004)
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CALIFRAGULISTIC Extreme Surfing DVD (2004)

Featuring epic surf along California's coast and sections edited by Shane Beschen and Jamie O'Brein exclusively for their parts, Califragulistic is a collaborative effort from photographer Dean Hotch and Ventura-based cinematographer Mike Erickson.

In a era that produces a myriad of videos featuring fantasy waves in foreign locations, it's refreshing to look in the mirror and find that not only is our everyday surf well up to par with any found worldwide, but there are also plenty of hidden gems up and down the California coast awaiting the willing and the curious.

Surfers: Jamie O'Brein, Dane Reynolds, Shane Beschen, Chris Ward, Bobby Martinez, The Curran Bros., The Malloy's, Bruce and Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Randy "Goose" Welch and many more!

Although it does not state this on the packaging, we believe this may be a US Import NTSC, so please ensure you have a multiregion DVD player prior to purchase, thank you.