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Death in the Shadows DVD NEW
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Death in the Shadows

Was Dr Sam Sheppard guilty of one of the most savage crimes in American criminal history? Or was he completely innocent? This is the gripping and controversial crime story that inspired The Fugitive.


The gripping and controversial true story that inspired both the long-running TV drama series and the international blockbuster movie The Fugitive is brought to the screen in DEATH IN THE SHADOWS, in which a young man launches a desperate search for the truth behind his mother’s murder and his father’s conviction for the killing.

Was Dr Sam Sheppard guilty of one of the most savage and shocking crimes in American criminal history? Or was he an innocent man, whose life was destroyed by a crime he’d never committed?

These are the questions facing the grown-up Sam Reese ‘Chip’ Sheppard as he returns to the family home after his father’s death and starts to piece together the evidence which might prove his father endured years of private hell and public hostility for nothing.

Chip Sheppard seemed to live the perfect young boy’s life until the night his mother was brutally bludgeoned to death. What made matters worse was that all clues seemed to point to his father, a wealthy, womanising surgeon, as the killer.

Placed in the care of his severe uncle and aunt, Chip sank even further into despair as his father was jailed for the crime and the once-influential family publicly self-destructed.
As he grew up and graduated from military academy, Chip remained convinced of his father’s innocence. But Sam Sheppard’s abrasive personality made him a difficult man to love.
Released from jail, he drank heavily, neglected Chip and married a trashy young wife. When he failed to regain his medical licence, Sam Sheppard’s life finally shattered.

But, no matter how hard Chip’s faith in his father was shaken, it never broke completely. DEATH IN THE SHADOWS tells the story of how, as an adult, he teamed up with a local lawyer after Sam’s death and uncovered new evidence surrounding his father’s controversial conviction.

In doing so, Chip came face to face with his worst fears and suppressed memories, but only through exorcising his own demons could he have any hope of reclaiming his own life while solving a mystery shrouded in so many years of pain.

DEATH IN THE SHADOWS stars PETER STRAUSS (Rich Man, Poor Man) as Dr Sam Sheppard and HENRY CZERNY (Mission: Impossible) as Sam Reese ‘Chip’ Sheppard. It is written by ADAM GREENMAN (Breaking the Silence, Overexposed, Final Jeopardy) and directed by Emmy® nominee PETER LEVIN (Homeless to Harvard, Precious Victims, Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story).

Certificate: 15 Length: 90 mins approx
Cast: Peter Strauss, Henry Czerny