Diana - In The Name of Love DVD NEW

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Diana - In The Name of Love DVD NEW
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Diana - In The Name of Love

A fascinating insight into the people's princess.

Diana, Princess of Wales, sought love from Charles , but he was in love with someone else. Despite the births of William and Harry, the marriage ended and the unhappy princess transferred her affections in a series of ill-judged affairs until her final and fatal fling.

From her engagement at the age of nineteen, Diana became the most famous woman on earth. Her death at only thirty six caused unprecedented mourning. Her loss touched a deep chord in people who had never met her but felt they knew her.

This balanced and revealing programme examines how a beguiling teenager became a despairing royal wife , but grew into to a humanitarian figure of international stature. With wonderful footage of Diana at her most glamorous , and expert commentary from her biographer, Sarah Bradford, Diana's extraordinary life and the unbelievable tragedy of her death are seen in their true perspective.