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Doing Life DVD NEW
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Doing Life

Two cops lie dead, and Jerry Rosenberg is soon incarcerated for the killings in a maximum security prison, awaiting the death penalty. Realising that his salvation lies in his own hands, Jerry resolves to clear his name.


Convicted of cop-killing, Jerry Rosenberg seemed destined to die in the electric chair. The remarkable and inspirational story of how he turned his life around and fought a very personal battle to get his sentence commuted is told in DOING LIFE, starring TONY DANZA of Taxi fame.

In the early 1960s, Brooklyn-born career criminal Rosenberg stood accused of killing two New York policemen during a warehouse raid. Although the death penalty was then abolished in New York State, cop-killers were exempt, and Rosenberg was sentenced accordingly.

But Rosenberg swore that he had been committing another robbery at the time: he refused to accept his fate and keep silent, successfully pleading his case until his sentence was quashed on a technicality.

Through a correspondence course in law, Rosenberg even gained a degree – reputedly the first time anyone had done so from behind bars. He went on to establish a considerable reputation for counselling and defending his fellow inmates, gaining worldwide celebrity in 1971 when he tried to mediate in the notorious Attica prison riots, a rebellion by inmates that led to a bloodbath.

Joining Tony Danza in the cast of DOING LIFE are DAN LAURIA (The Wonder Years), CHARLES W. GRAY (Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye), JON DeVRIES (Zelda), JORGE MONTESI (Andromeda) and CLARK JOHNSON (Homicide: Life on the Street and director of box-office hits S.W.A.T. and The Sentinel).

The script is by Emmy® nominee STEVE BELLO (based on his book about Rosenberg). The director is the former child actor GENE REYNOLDS, who received many accolades (including two Emmy Awards) for his work on TV series such as Lou Grant and M

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    Certificate: 15 Length: 96 mins approx
    Cast: Tony Danza, Jon de Vries