Double Down (Thor Wixom) Extreme Mountain Bike DVD

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Double Down (Thor Wixom) Extreme Mountain Bike DVD
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Double Down (Thor Wixom) Extreme Mountain Bike DVD

One of the most highly anticipated mountain bike films ever.

Double Down redefines what it means to push the limits. Featured are Bender’s 41 foot huck, his controversial drop in Deer Valley, as well as amazing trials footage of Mikey Mayhem and V-Dub. Crash footage of Krispy not included, he never crashed during the entire season of filming Double Down… we’ve upped our ante, now up your’s!

•Lance Canfield
•Mikey Mayhem

Bonus Material:
•News Story – The complete news broadcast covering Bender’s controversial ride at Deer Valley, featuring interviews with Bender and Thor Wixom
•Bonus Track – Three minutes of out-takes from Double Down set to a driving soundtrack!
•Shapeshifting – Krispy meets his dream girl, Leigh Donovan, up close and personal.
•Finger Trials – Phil Edlefsen demonstrates trial’s answer to finger bikes!
•Freestyle Walking - Phil Edlefsen shows how he prepares for his trials riding. Ouch, that smarts!

•Hear the soundtrack from Double Down in it’s entirety, or lay your favourite cuts.
•Read a message from Thor Wixon explaining the creation of the soundtrack. It was composed entirely on a PC by Thor and Phil Edlefsen.Web Link:
•Link to preview other action sports videos & DVDs


Double Down
•1. Intro – Angst
•2. Disturbed Medley
•3. Happy Trials
•4. Seven Eight
•5. Freestyle Walking
•6. Move
•7. Chaotic Realm
•8. Down Low / Crash Section
•9. Krispy
•10. Bender Gets Psycho
•11. End Medley
•12. Outro / Credits

•1. Sponsors / Riders / Locations
•2. Silent Rage Medley
•3. Bike Medics
•4. Qranc Pro JRX Team
•5. Krispy Medley
•6. Trials Medley
•7. Evil Dave / Bender
•8. End Medley

It does not state regional information on the packaging, so please ensure you have a multiregion DVD player prior to purchase, thank you.