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Face Value DVD NEW
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Face Value

Midwest beauty Marla Hanson comes to New York to try to hit the big time as a model, only to become a national scandal when she is brutally attacked and disfigured.


Texas-born Marla Hanson had gone to Manhattan to pursue her dreams of becoming a top model.
On 5 June 1986, all those dreams were ended forever when 25-year-old Marla was attacked by two men and slashed across the face with a razor, inflicting several disfiguring cuts requiring nearly 150 stitches.

Marla’s modelling career was finished, but her ordeal had only just begun. Her landlord, Steve Roth, was charged with arranging the attack in a dispute over money and spurned advances, but when the case came to court and Marla bravely took the stand as a witness, the defence attorney tore into her, alleging that she had worked as a prostitute and had made advances towards men to further her career.

Feeling that she was being attacked for a second time in the courtroom, Marla fought back against these accusations. Her outspokenness made her America’s most famous victim, and the trial’s outcome was a tribute to her exceptional courage. After the trial, Marla’s experiences led her to lobby for reform of the way in which victims are treated in the courtroom. She has also worked as a screenwriter on films such as The Blackout and Subway Stories.

FACE VALUE stars CHERYL POLLAK (Melrose Place) as Marla Hanson, and co-stars DALE MIDKIFF (Pet Sematary) and KIRK BALTZ (Reservoir Dogs). It is written and directed by JOHN GRAY (The Glimmer Man).

Certificate: 15 Length: 91 mins approx
Cast: Cheryl Pollak, Dale Midkiff