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Fatal Love DVD NEW
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Fatal Love

One careless moment of passion changed US teenager Alison Gertz’s life forever: she contracted AIDS. But Alison turned this tragedy into a personal crusade that touched the lives of millions.


‘Brat Pack’ star MOLLY RINGWALD (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink), Oscar?-winners LEE GRANT (Shampoo) and MARTIN LANDAU (Ed Wood, Mission: Impossible), and PERRY KING (The Lords Of Flatbush, Judith Krantz’s ‘I’ll Take Manhattan’) head the cast of this acclaimed drama that tells the true story of Alison Gertz, a young woman whose courageous battle with a life-threatening disease became an inspiration to thousands of other young people.

One moment of passion changed Alison Gertz’s life forever when a one-night stand led to her contracting one of the most dreaded diseases of modern times: AIDS. An aspiring commercial artist, Alison was young, white and upwardly mobile, from a strong, upper-middle-class family.

She was also heterosexual, not promiscuous, had never used intravenous drugs or had a blood transfusion. Yet her life - and those of her family members - were changed radically by her diagnosis of having AIDS at the age of 22.
But what, for Alison, seemed like the beginning of the end, turned into a personal crusade that would touch the lives of millions.

FATAL LOVE also stars CHRISTOPHER MELONI (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).
It is written by DEBORAH JOY LeVINE (creator of the TV series The Division) and directed by TOM McLOUGHLIN (The Unsaid, D.C.Sniper: 23 Days of Fear, Behind the Mask, Murder Of Innocence).

Certificate: 15 Length: 93 mins approx
Cast: Molly Ringwald, Lee Grant, Martin Landau, Perry King