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First Do No Harm DVD NEW
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First Do No Harm

Oscar®-winner Meryl Streep gives a magnificent performance as a mother fighting for her epileptic son’s right to a possible ‘miracle’ cure.


MERYL STREEP (Sophie’s Choice, The French Lieutenant’s Woman), two-time Oscar®-winner and regarded by many as the most brilliant actress of her generation, gives a magnificent performance (for which she was Emmy Award® and Golden Globe nominated) as a mother fighting for her epileptic son’s right to a possible miracle cure in this heart-rending and inspiring drama.

Streep plays Lori Reimuller, whose poor but happy family life with her husband Dave and three children starts to disintegrate when their youngest son Robbie suffers an epileptic fit.

Says Streep: “It’s about the heroics of an ordinary family who are, from the outside, a very ordinary family. It’s very brave of them to take on the medical establishment, especially when you have people with superior knowledge and expertise beyond your own standing in front of you. And because of that single-minded purpose that these two parents have, they don’t give up.”

…FIRST DO NO HARM is a strong plea for the use of a special ‘ketogenic’ diet in the treatment of epilepsy, and features several real-life sufferers whose condition has been successfully controlled by the method.

It also features a remarkable performance by SETH ADKINS (Taming Andrew, Jane Austen’s Mafia!) as Robbie, and notable character actor FRED WARD (Tremors, Short Cuts, Henry & June) co-stars as Lori’s husband, Dave.

…FIRST DO NO HARM marks a departure from his usual comic fare for acclaimed director and producer JIM ABRAHAMS, the man behind such hit movies as Airplane!, Ruthless People, Big Business, The Naked Gun, Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! – Part Deux.

Abrahams was drawn to the subject by his own son’s epilepsy. Says Streep: “As in the film, when Jim and his wife Nancy came upon the special diet that could help their son, they became very excited because of its immediate and dramatic effect.
They were elated and they were very interested in getting the word out to other parents who they had met during their search for therapy.”

It was Streep’s personal friendship with Abrahams and his family that got the Hollywood superstar actress involved. “One thing that intrigued me,” she says, “is that …FIRST DO NO HARM is the story of a family with no money.
So it touches on issues of healthcare in America and how regular people deal with trouble like this, with the health of their child.”

Jim Abrahams’ experience of dealing with his son Charlie’s epilepsy and the dramatic improvements brought about by the ketogenic diet inspired Abrahams and his family to set up The Charlie Foundation (, an institution geared to getting information about the diet out to paediatric neurological centres.

…FIRST DO NO HARM is written by ANN BECKETT and also stars ALLISON JANNEY (The West Wing). Both Jim Abrahams and Meryl Streep serve as executive producers.

Certificate: PG Length: 90 mins approx
Cast: Meryl Streep, Fred Ward, Seth Adkins, Allison Janney