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Formula for Death DVD NEW
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Formula for Death

Formula For Death (1995) Based on Robin Cook's novel "Virus," this heart-pounding thriller concerns a virulent plague that is killing millions across the globe. As a doctor working with the Center for Disease Control tries to figure out if a cure for the disease is possible, she begins to suspect that it was intentionally released. With the assistance of her boyfriend, she attempts to prove her theory--putting her own life at risk in the process.

Nicollette Sheridan, William Devane, Barry Corbin star.

AKA: "Robin Cook's Outbreak," "Virus."
93 min

Director:Armand Mastroianni
Cast:William Atherton, Ritch Brinkley, Brian Brophy, Stephen Caffrey, Barry Corbin, William Devane, Eric Fleeks, Kurt Fuller, Christopher Kriesa, Dakin Matthews, Judith McConnell, Jim McMullan, Joe Minjares, Nicollette Sheridan