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Freefall: Flight 174 DVD NEW
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Freefall: Flight 174

As a plane freefalls to earth, passengers and crew must look to one man – pilot Bob Pearson - to challenge impossible odds and turn an almost-certain tragedy into the unlikeliest of triumphs.


FREEFALL: FLIGHT 174 is both the story of a hero in the making and a gripping disaster movie, telling the up-close, moment-by-moment suspense of a plane’s harrowing freefall to almost certain disaster.

This nail-biting thriller, which is based on the book by one of the authors of Midnight Express, boasts a fine cast, including WILLIAM DEVANE (Knots Landing), SHELLEY HACK (Charlie’s Angels), SCOTT HYLANDS (Centennial), WINSTON REKERT (Neon Rider) and NICHOLAS TURTURRO (NYPD Blue).

23 July 1983. It should have been a routine flight for the brand-new, state-of-the-art Canadian Airways Boeing 767, outward bound from Montreal to Edmonton. Experienced pilot Captain Bob Pearson (Devane) has misgivings about some malfunctioning computer equipment, but it’s the airline that now decides if a plane is airworthy, not the pilot.
Pearson has no option - he needs his job – so he takes the plane up, together with co-pilot Maurice Quintal (Hylands), chief engineer Rick Dion (Rekert) and air-hostess Lynn Brown (Hack).

But Pearson’s fears are not misplaced. At 41,000 feet, the warning lights start to flash. Only then does Pearson realise to his horror that his plane is virtually out of fuel.
So starts a full-scale emergency with the lives of Pearson’s passengers and crew hanging in the balance. With no engine power and nowhere to land, and with a storm threatening, the Boeing fast becomes a 300,000-pound glider plummeting towards earth.

Air traffic controller Al Williams (Turturro) does what he can to help the plane to safety, but passengers and crew must now look to one man to challenge the odds against survival and turn an almost certain disaster into the unlikeliest of triumphs: Bob Pearson.
With time running out, all they can do is pray he can come up with some pretty fancy flying and achieve the impossible.

FREEFALL: FLIGHT 174 is written by LIONEL CHETWYND (Oscar®-nominated with Mordecai Richler for The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz) from the book Freefall by WILLIAM HOFFER (Midnight Express) and MARILYN HOFFER and directed by JORGE MONTESI (Omen IV: The Awakening).

Certificate: PG Length: 93 mins approx
Cast: William Devane, Shelley Hack, Nicholas Turturro