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God Bless the Child DVD NEW
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God Bless the Child

Theresa Johnson lives on the streets with her daughter, Hillary. The only alternative seems to be adoption, but Hillary’s need for Theresa is as strong as Theresa’s desire to keep her child…


There are few things in life as strong as a mother’s love for her child, and Theresa Johnson’s love was tested to the limit.
Through circumstances beyond her control, Theresa was forced into a life living rough on the streets with her young daughter, but she courageously made the ultimate sacrifice when she saw the impact such a life was having on her child.

Abandoned by her out-of-work husband and evicted from her home, Theresa (Oscar® nominee MARE WINNINGHAM, St Elmo’s Fire) faced life among America’s homeless with her young daughter, Hilary.
She hadn’t given up hope, but nights on the streets or in the city’s filthy and frightening shelters slowly ate away at Theresa’s dreams of a better life.

Crisis point came one night as Hilary was rushed to hospital with lead poisoning, and Theresa realised that she had to find a safe and stable home for her daughter.
Outreach worker Calvin Reed (DORIAN HAREWOOD, Full Metal Jacket) advised her that the only way to achieve this was to place Hilary with a foster family, and Theresa had to make the most heart-breaking decision of her life.

A film about homelessness that has touched many hearts, GOD BLESS THE CHILD also stars GRACE JOHNSON (Just Like Family), L. SCOTT CALDWELL (Lost) and hip-hop star and actor MOS DEF (here credited as ‘Dante Terrell Smith’).
The script won both a Humanitas Prize and a Writers Guild of America Award for its writer, DENNIS NEMEC (Murder in Coweta Country). The director is LARRY ELIKANN (I Know My First Name is Steven).

Certificate: 15 Length: 94 mins approx
Cast: Mare Winningham, Dorian Harewood