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Going Underground DVD NEW
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Going Underground

Subjected to a sustained campaign of violence by her husband, a wife and her children have no choice but to ‘go underground’ and assume new identities.


For years, Maryanne Walker-Tate has endured appalling physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her husband Daniel.
But it is not until she finds the strength to fight back that the real battle starts - a battle with the law, which does nothing to protect the victim but everything to help the abuser.

The startling and disturbing drama GOING UNDERGROUND, which stars JOANNA KERNS (Growing Pains, Shattering the Silence) and TIM MATHESON (The West Wing, National Lampoon’s Animal House), tells the true story of how one battered wife’s nightmare existence and the drastic steps she took to protect herself and her children brought this gross injustice to the attention of a shocked American public.

To all outward appearances, Maryanne’s life with Daniel and their two children, Josie and Jason, seems idyllic. But behind the perfect façade of a comfortable middle-class existence, Maryanne receives frequent beatings from her brutal, controlling husband.

When she hints at leaving him, he takes a cruel revenge: he locks her out of the house and files a lawsuit against her for abandonment of her children.
Forced to take refuge in a women’s shelter, Maryanne at last finds herself amongst friends: women who understand her sense of terror and impotence and who vow to help her fight back.
But the law is on Daniel’s side. It grants him full custody of the children and refuses to take Maryanne’s evidence of spousal abuse into account.

But Daniel is not only a nightmare husband: he is an abusive father. Discovering that he is verbally and physically abusing Jason, Maryanne makes a fateful decision.
In order to protect the children she loves, she takes the law into her own hands and ‘goes underground’, establishing a new, secret life with new identities for herself and her kids. Will Maryanne, Josie and Jason ever be able to live happy and normal lives? Only if the law sees the errors of its ways.

GOING UNDERGROUND also features LaTANYA RICHARDSON (U.S. Marshals), KHANDI ALEXANDER (CSI: Miami, E.R.), Golden Globe nominee THERESA SALDANA (All My Children) and multiple Young Artist Award winner and nominee ASHLEY PELDON (The Guiding Light, MTV’s Undressed). It is written by STEPHANIE LISS (Runaway Father, A Child Lost Forever) and directed by DAVID CARSON (Star Trek: Generations, The 10th Kingdom).

Certificate: 15 Length: 88 mins approx
Cast: Joanna Kerns, Tim Matheson, LaTanya Richardson