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Gone in the Night DVD NEW
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Gone in the Night

A young couple are wrongly convicted of the murder of their child, only the dedicated efforts of four very special men can help them through one of the most nightmarish miscarriages of justice in American legal history.


“the ultimate dramatic pay-off involving the story’s actual protagonists is a real grabber…Doherty’s strong, mature performance’ VARIETY

‘tells a gripping tale…Doherty and Dillon are well cast as frightened kids out of their depth in a horrible legal maze’ USA TODAY

On the night in 1988 when David and Cindi Dowaliby’s 8-year-old daughter Jaclyn was abducted, David and Cindi lost not only their daughter, but also their freedom and their innocence.
Their experiences are recounted in the utterly compelling three-hour drama GONE IN THE NIGHT, which tells how, through a combination of power, politics, manipulation and murder, the Dowalibys fell victim to one of the most nightmarish miscarriages of justice in American legal history.

It features a powerful cast, headed by SHANNEN DOHERTY (Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed), KEVIN DILLON (Catholic Boys, Platoon), EDWARD ASNER (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant), DIXIE CARTER (Designing Women) and MICHAEL BRANDON (Dempsey & Makepeace).

When little Jaclyn Dowaliby falls victim to a sinister abduction from her Chicago home, the press wants a story and the police want a quick solution to an emotionally charged crime.
There’s powerful political pressure, too, from State Attorney Richard Daley, who has ambitions to become the city’s mayor on a tough anti-crime ticket.

They seize on Jaclyn’s devastated parents as the most likely suspects, using brutal tactics to trick them into a ‘confession’ and pouncing on the flimsiest pieces of evidence to satisfy a hungry press and a scared public.

Worse is to come: when Jaclyn’s body is found, the Dowalibys stand accused of not only of her murder but also of sexually and physically abusing their young son Davey. Saddled with ineffectual lawyers, David and Cindi have one hope in hell.

This consists of the combined efforts of four brave, committed men: crusading TV journalist Paul Hogan; journalism professor David Protess; expert appeals lawyer Bob Byman; and veteran police detective John Waters.

Only they can see beyond the web of hysteria created by the police and the media to the undoubted truth that lies at the heart of this terrible crime: that David and Cindi, as much as their murdered daughter, are innocent victims.

GONE IN THE NIGHT ends with an extraordinary twist: an appearance by the real-life David and Cindi Dowaliby, who make a poignant appeal for help in solving similar distressing crimes.

GONE IN THE NIGHT is written by BRIAN L. ROSS (On Hostile Ground, Dying to Remember), based on the book by DAVID PROTESS and ROB WARDEN and directed by BILL L. NORTON (Stolen Innocence, More American Graffiti, Deadly Whispers).

Certificate: 15 Length: 170 mins approx
Cast: Doherty, Kevin Dillon, Edward Asner, Dixie Carter, Michael Brandon