Helps Stop Snoring - Spray applicator - 3 weeks supply

Stop Snoring contains Natural Essential Oils ina a handy spray. Shown in an independent UK study to be effective in reducing snoring for 4 out of 5 users. This handy sized spray contains 3 weeks supply.

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Helps Stop Snoring - Spray applicator - 3 weeks supply
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When you sleep, your body relaxes. This causes the soft tissue that lines the top of your throat to lose its tone, meaning it can vibrate in the airflow induced by breathing. Helps Stop Snoring works by re-toning this soft tissue, preventing it from reverberating and causing the sound we know as snoring.

Helps Stop Snoring is an entirely natural remedy, developed over a number of years in the UK. It is a unique blend of eleven essential oils and, although the exact formula is a closely guarded secret, ingredients include Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon Balm - all of which have been proven to significantly reduce snoring.