HIT AND RUN - Extreme BMX DVD (2004)

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HIT AND RUN - Extreme BMX DVD (2004)
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HIT AND RUN - Extreme BMX DVD (2004)

Take 13 crazies, 10 days, 2 cargo vans and a map of the Southwestern US and what do you get? The most radical BMX video to hit the scene.

G-Force Productions releases their highly anticipated debut BMX video titled, Hit and Run. Watch Jim Cielencki, John Heaton, Ryan Sher, Colin Winkelman, Robin Fenlon, Nate Moroshan, Rob Morgan, Kerry Sayre, Ted Hale, Matt Zselag, Micah Kranz, Joel Kemppainen, and Deric Smith tear-up everything in sight. Special Appearances by: Chris Arriaga, Mike Parrenti, Brian Terada and Adam Banton.

This BMX video features sick tricks (like John Heaton's back flip to manual) and other never-been-done before tricks by some of the world's top riders. Insane jams by Fu Manchu, Divit, Stavesacre Scratching Post and other hot bands. You are in for some pools, curved wall rides, Skate Street, Point X, Mt. Baldy full pipe, public parks, backyard parks, closed water parks, abandoned movie studios, roof tops, ridiculous rails, huge ditches, beer in the eye, and lots of stupid stuff.

The DVD's bonus features will make you piss your pants (Morgan will show you how), also; BMX guys surfing, beer in the eye, crab eating, and skinny dipping. Your DVD player will break before you get tired of this one!

G Force bring you Hit & Run, Jim Cielencki, John Heaton, Ryan Sher Robin Fenton, Ted Hale, Deric Smith and friends ride their way through 50 minutes of insane BMX action.

Don't miss the bonus Scooter footage and Hot sauce and Beer eye wash! Actors: Jim Cielencki, John Heaton, Ryan Sher Robin Fenton, Ted Hale & Deric Smith.

Although it does not state this on the packaging, we believe this may be a US Import NTSC, so please ensure you have a multiregion DVD player prior to purchase, thank you.