Jib. Thor Wixom Production. Extreme Mountain Biking DVD

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Jib. Thor Wixom Production. Extreme Mountain Biking DVD
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Jib: A Thor Wixom Production. Extreme Mountain Biking DVD

A Thor Wixom Production

The Newest School in Mountain Biking isn't called Mountain Biking… It's called JIBBING. The word JIB was originally coined by snowboarders to describe a certain style of riding. Rail grinding, sessioning half pipes, and boosting huge tricks off of jumps were all considered JIBBING. Over time, JIBBING came to be known as trick oriented riding in man- made environments. And while trials riders, North Shore riders, and a handful of urban mountain bikers have been JIBBING for years, only recently has this discipline of riding gained enough momentum to finally be given its own name. JIB, the new video from Thor Wixom, is the first video of its kind...and the only video dedicated entirely to capturing the essence of the JIB movement. Welcome to the New School.

DVD Special Features
Bonus Crash Track
To Poach or not to Poach
Jib Soundtrack
Madman Propaganda

Although it does not state this on the packaging, we believe this may be a US Import NTSC, so please ensure you have a multiregion DVD player prior to purchase, thank you.