Judgment Day - The Ellie Nesler Story DVD NEW

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Judgment Day - The Ellie Nesler Story DVD NEW
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Judgment Day - The Ellie Nesler Story

Ellie Nesler takes drastic action when her son is abused by his summer camp counsellor and she discovers that the man has already escaped justice for the same crime. She commits murder – and now she’s the one on trial.

Murderer? Vigilante? Or just a devoted and desperate mother, driven to the brink of insanity by the powerlessness of the law?

The story of Ellie Nesler raises many complex questions and she provoked a national debate in the US about the nature of justice when she walked into a Californian courtroom on 2 April 1993 and shot twice-convicted child-molester Daniel Driver five times in the head as he faced multiple child-molestation charges, including one relating to Nesler’s own young son.

JUDGMENT DAY: The Ellie Nesler Story tracks the complex sequence of events both leading up to and subsequent to the killing – how Driver was deemed fit to work with children despite his paedophile tendencies, how he allegedly abused Ellie’s son repeatedly, the trauma caused to children involved in abuse cases once they reach the courts, and how Ellie, a devout Christian, felt driven to drastic action through her fear that Driver would escape justice and destroy the lives of other children.

The Ellie Nesler case has a sad coda. At the time of Ellie’s trial, her sister Jan testified that Ellie’s son, who was seven at the time of the alleged abuse, changed from “a very beautiful kid…into a mean little brat.”

He was subsequently arrested and spent three years in a youth correction facility, for reasons not made known to the public. More recently, in 2004, he was the subject of a murder probe and police manhunt.

JUDGMENT DAY presents all sides of this compelling and emotionally charged case and stars Oscar®-winner CHRISTINE LAHTI (Chicago Hope) as Ellie Nesler, MARY KAY PLACE (The Big Chill) as her sister Jan, award-winning child actor ANDREW DUCOTE (Thanks) as Brandon Nesler and BARRY CORBIN (Northern Exposure) as Ellie Nesler’s flamboyant defence attorney, Tony Serra.

JUDGMENT DAY is written and directed by STEPHEN TOLKIN (Summerland, Captain America).

Certificate: 15 Length: 90 mins approx
Cast: Christine Lahti, Mary Kay Place