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Lady from Yesterday DVD NEW
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Lady from Yesterday

Vietnam veteran Craig Weston’s life is disrupted by the reappearance of the Vietnamese woman with whom he had an affair a decade previously. She has a shattering request: that Craig adopt the son he fathered all those years ago.


In this complex emotional drama, a Vietnam veteran finds his family life back in the States disrupted by the revelation that, ten years ago, he unwittingly fathered a child with a Vietnamese woman.

Craig Weston (WAYNE ROGERS, M

  • ASH) lives in Houston with his wife, Janet (BONNIE BEDELIA, The Division), and their two daughters. Craig’s professional and family lives are both overshadowed by his manipulative employer and father-in-law, Jim ‘J.C.’ Bartlett.
    Out of the blue, Craig is contacted by Lien Van Huyen, a woman with whom he had an affair when he was serving in Vietnam. Lien drops two bombshells: Craig in the father of her son, Quan, and she is terminally ill and wishes him to adopt the boy.

    J.C. finds out about the liaison and threatens Craig with both the loss of his home and his job unless he severs all ties with Lien and Quan. Torn between fear of losing his family and his moral obligation to Lien, Craig decides to make a clean breast to Janet about this secret from his past. But how will she take the news of her husband’s infidelity?

    THE LADY FROM YESTERDAY also stars PAT HINGLE (The Grifters) and TINA CHEN (Three Days of the Condor). The script is by TIM MASCHLER (Police Story) and KEN PETTUS (The Green Hornet), and the director is ROBERT DAY (Hollywood Wives).

    Certificate: PG Length: 92 mins approx
    Cast: Wayne Rogers, Bonnie Bedelia