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Lethal Lolita DVD NEW
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Lethal Lolita

When she shot her lover’s wife, Amy Fisher became the most notorious teenager in America and was portrayed as promiscuous and immoral. This is Amy’s story from her point of view.


On 13 May 1992, 17-year-old Amy Fisher had an accomplice drive her to the house of Mary Jo Buttafuoco in Massapequa, New York. When Mary Jo answered the door, Amy shot her in the head. Mary Jo survived the attack, but sustained injuries that left her paralysed.

The case caused a sensation. Amy was dubbed ‘The Long Island Lolita’ by the media and became the most notorious teenager in America. Portrayed as promiscuous and immoral, Amy claimed to have started a passionate affair at a year earlier with Mary Jo’s husband, Joey, thus making her lover guilty of statutory rape.

But Joey protested that his relationship with Amy had been platonic and innocent and that he had no knowledge of her intended crime. While Amy suffered arrest and humiliation, Joey escaped with his reputation intact. Charged with attempted murder, Amy pled guilty to reckless assault. In September 1992, she was sentenced to 5-15 years in jail.

A sensational study of a case of near-fatal attraction that rocked America, LETHAL LOLITA stars Noëlle Parker (Sisters) as Amy and Ed Marinaro (Hill Street Blues) as Joey and tells Amy’s story from her own point of view.
Did she deserve the justice she received? Or was she an innocent who was seduced, betrayed and corrupted by a feckless married man twice her age when she was barely more than a child?

Events since Amy’s conviction throw an intriguing new light on the crime. In October 1993, Joey Buttafuoco was convicted of the statutory rape of Amy and sentenced to four months in jail.
In 1999, after serving seven years, Amy was granted parole and released. She has gone on to establish a successful career as a writer, working as a columnist for the Long Island Press.

In 2004, she won a Media Award from the Society of Professional Journalists and published a book about her experiences, If I Knew Then. An active campaigner for prisoners’ rights, Amy is now married with two young children.

LETHAL LOLITA is written by PHIL PENNINGROTH (Seeds of Deception, Child of Rage) and directed by Emmy Award®-winner BRADFORD MAY (Lady against the Odds, Favourite Son).