Microfiber Face Cloth

This 6" x 6" Microfiber face cloth uses the specialised Microfiber system to give you a facial cleansing solution that you'll be amazed at.

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Microfiber Face Cloth
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With the high density surface area, there's no need even for beauty lotions and cleansing soaps. Each wipe of the Microfiber face cloth is the same effectiveness as wiping with an ordinary face cloth 4 times!

What's makes Microfiber so special?
Microfiber (microfibre) is a fairly new and revolutionary product in most parts of the world. However for many years in Europe, people have enjoyed the benefits of microfiber technology!

Microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide that is used for a variety of purposes eg. clothing, cleaning, furnishings.

Microfiber is available in several different constructions, each providing it's own features and benefits. All styles can be used with or without chemicals. Chemicals will not harm the microfiber but usually they are not needed!

Unlike ordinary cleaning towels that only move or push the dirt and dust from one point to another, microfiber actually lifts the dirt from the surface, stores the particles in the cloth until it is washed. When it is placed in a warm to hot wash the fibers open up and release the dirt into the water. Really stubborn dirt will release from the fiber with the assistance of a laundry detergent in the water.