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Murder Without Motive DVD NEW
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Murder Without Motive

A compelling portrait of a young black man who was determined to break out of the ghetto but who paid a terrible price for his dreams.


There’s an early role for the Oscar?-winning CUBA GOODING JNR. (Jerry Maguire, Men of Honour) in MURDER WITHOUT MOTIVE, the hard-hitting drama that presents a compelling portrait of a young man who was determined to break out of the ghetto – but who paid a terrible price for his daring hopes and dreams.

One hot June night in Harlem, New York City in 1985, an undercover cop is hassled by two black teenagers. A struggle ensues, shots are fired – and one of the youngsters lies dying.

But the dead youth was not just another street punk: he was Edmund ‘Eddie’ Perry (CURTIS L. McCLARIN, The Hard Way, Oz), a brilliant student who graduated from America’s most prestigious prep school. The killing became a potentially explosive mystery.

Was Perry the victim of a racist police department, or had his fight for survival in the pressurised and prejudiced ‘white man’s world’ of his prep school unleashed in him a hidden but explosive homicidal rage?

Edmund Perry’s burden and brutal death serve both as an American tragedy and as society’s shame and MURDER WITHOUT MOTIVE remains a compelling portrait of hope and expectations cruelly destroyed by emotional dislocation, intolerable personal pain and misguided good intentions.

MURDER WITHOUT MOTIVE also stars ANNA MARIA HORSFORD (Along Came a Spider, The Nutty Professor II) and CARLA GUGINO (Spy Kids, Spin City) as well as the veteran actors TAUREAN BLAQUE (Hill Street Blues), Emmy Award?-winner GEORG STANFORD BROWN (Roots, North and South) and VONDIE CURTIS-HALL (E.R., Chicago Hope).

It is written by RICHARD WESLEY (Mandela & De Klerk, Uptown Saturday Night), directed by KEVIN HOOKS (Emmy Award?-winner for The Color of Friendship, Passenger 57) and acclaimed director MICHAEL APTED (the ‘Bond’ movie The World is Not Enough) serves as one of the film’s executive producers.

Certificate: PG Length: 89 mins approx
Cast: Curtis L. McClarin, Anna Maria Horsford, Carla Gugino, Cuba Gooding Jnr., Vondie Curtis-Hall