Pilates in Pregnancy

Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens the core muscles of the body, improves flexibility and posture, and heightens body awareness.

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Pilates in Pregnancy
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But perhaps it is its low impact method that makes it ideally suited to the needs of the pregnant woman.

The exercises in this DVD have been carefully adapted from the guiding principles of Joseph Pilates to provide gentle pre- and post-natal programmes for the pregnant woman.

Pilates in Pregnancy
has been designed to help you to:

• Improve your posture
• Strengthen your core stability muscles
• Achieve body tone during pregnancy and after
• Reduce the risk of lower back pain
• Relieve stress and tension

Pilates helped to make my pregnancies joyful experiences. I hope it will for you too.
Annika Sundström

Dancers have long been familiar with the benefits of Pilates in achieving strength and suppleness.

After a 15 year career as a professional dancer, Annika Sundström retrained as a Pilates teacher, becoming a member of the Pilates Foundation, and teaching mat & machine classes in the UK and her native Sweden

But it is her experience during and after two pregnancies which ultimately qualifies her to teach Pilates in pregnancy. This DVD was filmed when she was eight months pregnant with her second child, Caspar, (who makes an appearance in the post-natal chapter as her exercise partner!).

And with the help of Pilates, she regained her figure within weeks of giving birth. Now, together with her partner the actor Hugh Quarshie, she has produced Pilates in Pregnancy with Annika Sundström. She currently teaches pre- and post-natal Pilates classes in North London.

Pilates in Pregnancy is available as a single sided DVD in PAL format. It is region 0 i.e. it plays in all regions
Buyers in countries which use the NTSC format can still watch this title with a dual format player or on a computer (with software DVD player)