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Shattering the Silence DVD NEW
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Shattering the Silence

Was Veronica Ricci sexually abused by her father? And is her own child now at risk? A searing drama about one woman’s battle to expose a dark and very personal secret.

United in a strong, loving marriage, Veronica Ricci (JOANNA KERNS, Growing Pains) and her husband Ted (MICHAEL BRANDON, Dempsey & Makepeace) feel their world is complete with the arrival of their first child. But their joy is short-lived. A chance remark by Veronica’s father, Malcolm, triggers off a horrific suppressed memory from Veronica’s childhood.

Her mind filled with disturbed but confusing images, Veronica begins to disintegrate mentally. Fearing her memories may be delusions, she turns to her estranged sister, Becky (SHELLEY HACK, the original TV version of Charlie’s Angels), who reveals a terrible secret from her own past: that when she was a little girl, their father sexually abused her.

But challenging Malcolm Worth is no easy task: he is a successful businessman and a respected pillar of the community, married to Clair, a poised and perfect wife. With their marriage near breaking point, Ted persuades Veronica to see Walter, a therapist, who probes Veronica’s childhood and uncovers further – and much more personal - evidence of her father’s vile actions.

And is history about to repeat itself? Is Malcolm homing in on his next victim: Christy, the daughter of Veronica’s brother, Tom? And might Veronica and Ted’s own child be at risk from her predatory grandfather?

SHATTERING THE SILENCE also stars Emmy Award®-winner GEORGE GRIZZARD (The Oldest Living Graduate) as Malcolm, veteran Hollywood actress DINA MERRILL (The Sundowners) as Clair, TONY ROBERTS (Annie Hall) as Walter, RICHARD GILLILLAND (Designing Women) as Tom and VALERIE LANDSBURG (Doris Schwartz in Fame) as Veronica’s friend, Joanie.

It is written by MICHAEL LOVE and MARTIN SALINAS (Gaby: A True Story) and JOE CACACI (A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story) and directed by triple-Emmy Award® nominee LINDA OTTO (Switching Parents, The Ryan White Story).

Certificate: 15 Length: 87 mins approx
Cast: Joanna Kerns, Michael Brandon, Shelley Hack