Smart Doorbell + FREE Indoor Chime

Be In when youíre Out!
Works through a FREE App on your Smartphone or Tablet

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Smart Doorbell + FREE Indoor Chime
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SEE and SPEAK to whoever is at your front door
EVEN when youíre not there!
Be In when youíre Out!

Wireless Wi-Fi
Video Doorbell

with High Definition, Wide-angle, Colour Camera
and built-in microphone and speaker

A new level of security for your peace of mind
When the Smart Doorbell is pressed it rings your doorbell AND smart phone or tablet so you can see and speak to whoever is there without leaving your chair. You donít even have to be in your house! You can be out shopping, at work, on holiday and your phone will ring to let you know that someone is outside your property.

Easy installation
As the Smart Doorbell operates through Wi-Fi, thereís no need for wiring of any kind. Simply attach the Doorbell outside your front door, download the free app to your smart phone or tablet, connect to WI-Fi and thatís it. It really is that simple. It even works at night. The built-in 5000mAh battery lasts up to 3 months and is easily rechargeable in situ via a portable charger or can be removed for conventional charging.

Be in when youíre out
Expecting a delivery? Now you can talk to the postman or delivery person even if youíre out and advise them to leave the package in a safe place or with a neighbour. Security for elderly parents Install at your parentís or elderly relatives home and you can be sure you know exactly who is calling on them and even let them know if they should answer the door or not.

Deter burglars
Very often burglars will ring doorbells or knock on doors to see if anyone is at home. When no one answers itís a great giveaway that your home is empty. Now with Smart Doorbell you can be there when youíre not. If they press the doorbell, you will be alerted to someone at your door and you can talk to them via your smart phone or tablet and advise them that youíre in but canít come to the door. They will leave empty handed.

FREE Indoor Chime
Smart Doorbell comes with a FREE indoor chime to use in conjunction with the Smart Doorbell and has 52 music clip ring tones to choose from. Place anywhere in the home for easy hearing, Ideal for those who donít have their own smartphone. Easy to use operating instructions are also included.

Smart Doorbell size - 80mm dia x 33mm deep.