Snow Odyssey 3 Skiing Snowboarding Comedy DVD

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Snow Odyssey 3 Skiing Snowboarding Comedy DVD
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Snow Odyssey 3 Skiing Snowboarding Comedy DVD

Snow Odyssey - An all action comedy set in VerbierThe movie features a dodgy, but likable Australian TV presenter 'Andy' (aka Ali G of Ayres Rock), who goes walkabout and finds himself in the outstanding Swiss resort of Verbier.

Not familiar with the mountains, or their surroundings he relies solely on his trusty "Guide Book" to discover what skiing and snowboarding is all about.

His eccentric, but hilarious line of questioning manages to offend several world-class skiers and snowboarders who foolishly get drawn to his camera like 'flies round a dunny'.

Some of these sketches will undoubtedly be copied by 'Trigger Happy TV' but remember you saw it here first.

Sick Riding
His camera crew catch footage of some sick riding from the likes of Francine Moreillon (2 times World Extreme Champion), Gian Simmen (Current Olympic Pipe Champion), Phil Meier (2nd World Heli Challenge 2001) , Nicolas Falquet, Gilles Voirol, Crazy Arska (the Alcoholic Telemark man), while a very confused T.V. presenter attempts to make head or tails of this sport. ('Sick? You mean you're feeling ill???').

Although it does not state this on the packaging, we believe this may be a US Import NTSC, so please ensure you have a multiregion DVD player prior to purchase, thank you.