Space Systems Vacuum Storage Bags


12 Bag Set (9 bag with 3 hanging bag set)

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Hanging Suit and Dress Bag

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Space Systems Vacuum Storage Bags
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12 Bag Set (9 bag with 3 hanging bag set)
SPACE SYSTEMS BAGS are airtight, waterproof and tough as old boots so you can store them anywhere – in the loft, garage, garden shed, cellar AND THEY ARE OF COURSE RE-USABLE TOO! And what’s more your clothes, bedding and stuff are fully protected from moths, insects and mildew so everything comes out as fresh and clean as the day you put them away.

So if your wardrobes, cupboards and drawers are stuffed with things you don’t currently need – make more space in your place with SPACE SYSTEMS BAGS. HOLIDAY PACKING MADE EASY TOO!

Take the worry out of over- packing. Space Systems bags are perfect for holiday travel, simply roll out the air and reduce the size of contents in your suitcase. Travel with carry on luggage and SAVE £££’s on fees.

Triple your storage space
Superior protection against dirt, bugs, moisture, odors
Store anywhere—garage, attic, basement
Perfect for long term storage needs or moving house.

12 Bag Set (9 bag with 3 hanging bag set) includes:
3 x medium
3 x large
3 x XL Cube bag
2 hanging suit and 1 hanging dress