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Stolen from the Heart DVD NEW
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Stolen from the Heart

To satisfy the demands of her drug-dealing husband, a prostitute steals a child. Yet she has reckoned without the love of the baby’s mother, who is equally prepared to do anything to get her child back.


When college student Leslie Wagner discovers she is pregnant by dashing rodeo star Brian, she just can’t wait to become a wife and mother. But when Brian mysteriously disappears, Leslie’s dreams of happiness seem shattered.

What she doesn’t realise is that Brian has been forced to leave town after a run-in with former prostitute Karen Ravetch, the devious wife of a local drug-lord, Cody. Karen, who cannot herself have children yet is desperate to give birth, becomes fascinated with Leslie’s pregnancy and befriends her.

Out of the blue, Karen announces that she herself is ‘pregnant’, and as their due dates approach the two women go on a picnic. The next thing Leslie knows is awaking from a drug-induced haze and seeing Karen holding a new-born baby.

Leslie has lost her baby in about the most bizarre way possible, made all the more distressing when the police refuse to believe her far-fetched story.

Her only ally is her mother, Ruth, who herself is seriously ill with heart disease. Leslie has no choice but to gather her own evidence against Karen and Cody, but when they are confronted they threaten to kill the baby.

Her only hope is to act as bait in a sting operation by the FBI – but will it be enough to get her baby back alive?

STOLEN FROM THE HEART is written by DENNIS TURNER (The Queen of Mean, Judgement Day: The John List Story) and JAYNE MARTIN (Aftermath, Big Spender) and directed by BRUCE PITTMAN (Blood Brothers, Where the Spirit Lives).

Certificate: 12 Length: 90 mins approx
Cast: Tracey Gold, Lisa Zane, Barbara Mandrell