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Stolen Innocence DVD NEW
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Stolen Innocence

All she wanted was her independence – but a rebellious teen’s plan to assert her independence runs an explosive course when she falls for the charms of an alluring ex-convict.


A rebellious American teenager’s plan to assert her independence runs an explosively violent course when she falls for the charms of an alluring ex-convict in STOLEN INNOCENCE, a gripping drama based on a true story and starring TRACEY GOLD (Growing Pains, Shoot the Moon), THOMAS CALABRO (Melrose Place), BESS ARMSTRONG (High Road to China), NICK SEARCY (American Gothic, Nell) and TERENCE KNOX (St Elsewhere).

Eighteen-year-old Stacy Sapp (Gold) runs away from her overbearing mother Becky (Armstrong) and passive father John (Searcy) for a life of freedom and adventure on the road. The naïve girl meets Richard Brown (Calabro), a handsome, charismatic young man travelling across the country on a crime spree.

Blind to his unbalanced personality and criminal activities, Stacy teams up with him and Richard, in turn, develops a bizarre obsession with his new companion, even proposing marriage.

But Richard has another, even more sinister agenda: he creates a manipulative scheme to hold Stacy hostage and demand thousands of dollars in ransom from her terrified parents – a plot with dire consequences.

STOLEN INNOCENCE is written by PHIL PENNINGROTH (Lethal Lolita, Seeds of Deception, Child of Rage) and the director is BILL L. NORTON (Gone in the Night, More American Graffiti).

Certificate: 15 Length: 89 mins approx
Cast: Tracey Gold, Thomas Calabro, Bess Armstrong, Nick Searcy, Terence Knox