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Stranger in the Family DVD NEW
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Stranger in the Family

Steve Thompson’s bright future is destroyed when he is badly injured in a car crash. With no recollection of his former self, Steve must work with his family to re-establish some kind of meaningful identity.


A mother must undergo an emotional odyssey when her teenaged son loses both his memory and identity in this intense drama, starring TERI GARR (Mr Mom) and NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (Doogie Howser, M.D.).

Who could have foreseen the major impact that a minor car crash would have on the Thompsons, an ordinary American family, when their teenaged son Steve sustains a ‘simple dose of concussion’.

Steve’s life suddenly goes into freefall as injuries deep in his brain bring on severe retrograde amnesia, effectively wiping out his memory and erasing every element of his identity.

The doctors recommend that Steve should be institutionalised as he no longer has the basic skills to look after himself, while his mother Randi (Garr) refuses to give up on her son even if he is now a stranger to his own family.

But Randi’s well-meaning efforts to restore Steve’s old life distress him to the point where he runs away to live rough, and Randi now realises that only by accepting her son as a ‘new’ person does she have any hope of winning him back into the heart of his shattered family.

STRANGER IN THE FAMILY is written by Emmy® Award-winner RENE BALCER (Law & Order) and HAL SITOWITZ (A Friend’s Betrayal) and is directed by DONALD WRYE, double Oscar® nominee for the documentaries The Numbers Start with the River and The Impression of John Steinbeck, Writer

Certificate: PG Length: 95 mins approx
Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Teri Garr