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Swearing Allegiance DVD NEW
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Swearing Allegiance

A young naval recruit’s confession of infidelity to his controlling fiancée sparks off a murderous pact that will have devastating consequences for all parties in a lethal love triangle.

David Graham could have been a recruiting poster boy for the US military. He was smart, athletic, clean-cut, conscientious – the ideal soldier, in fact.
What the US military did not know when they accepted him at one of their top training academies was that he was also a murderer completely in thrall to his controlling and possessive fiancée, Diane Zamora.

A chilling dramatisation of a brutal crime, SWEARING ALLEGIANCE demonstrates how a sense of honour can both provoke and expose a murder. David and Diane are straight-A high-school students, destined for glittering careers and apparently devoted to each other – until David’s one moment of sexual weakness with pretty blonde sophomore, Adrianne Jones.

Stricken with guilt, David confesses to Diane. Having betrayed his fiancée, he feels he has no choice but to obey when Diane orders him to kill her love-rival to atone for his infidelity. One dark night, they lure Adrianne to a desolate spot and carry out their plan.

They then keep silent, even when a fellow student is wrongly arrested for the murder. David and Diane depart for separate training academies, but the guilt finally begins to bite and the evidence against them to accumulate.

Will David remain loyal to Diane? Or will his soldier’s sense of honour and loyalty finally persuade him to ‘do the right thing?

SWEARING ALLEGIANCE stars one of today’s most popular young TV actresses, HOLLY MARIE COMBS (Charmed, Picket Fences) as Diane, DAVID LIPPER (Time of Your Life) as David and cult horror movie actress DEE WALLACE STONE (The Howling, ET: The Extraterrestrial) as Linda Jones, Adrianne’s mother. It is written by STEVE JOHNSON (Blood on Her Hands) and directed by RICHARD A. COLLA (False Witness, Judith Krantz’s ‘Dazzle’).

Certificate: 15 Length: 89 mins approx
Cast: Starring Holly Marie Combs, David Lipper