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To Live For DVD NEW
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To Live For

Facing a terminal illness, Susan Morton’s life is transformed when she falls deeply in love with Michael, a charming but feckless young man.


Utterly engrossing, yet told without a trace of sentimentality, TO LIVE FOR is a story about love and loss, made all the more compelling by a fine script and pitch-perfect performances from its quartet of stars: NANCY TRAVIS (Internal Affairs), SCOTT BAIRSTOW (Party of Five), JAMIE RENEE SMITH (Dante’s Peak), who won a Young Actor Award, and HOLLAND TAYLOR (The Practice).

A successful lawyer and single parent, Susan Morton (Travis) is now facing the final battle of her life. She must not only find the strength and grace to deal with a terminal illness, but also make plans for the future care of her beloved 11-year-old daughter, Carson (Smith).

Then, completely out of the blue, a final light comes into her life: she falls deeply in love with a young man named Michael (Bairstow). Handsome, charming, yet seemingly feckless, Michael knows that he too has now found someone very special who can bring meaning and purpose to his life – a purpose that offers the chance for him to play a very important part in Carson’s future.

But will love truly conquer all as Susan reveals her plans to her horrified parents, a remote, wealthy couple who have their own agenda for Carson?

TO LIVE FOR is written by KATIE FORD (Miss Congeniality) and directed by MICHAEL SCHULTZ (Woman, Thou Art Loosed), winner of the Technical Grand Prize at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival for Car Wash.
NANCY TRAVIS also serves as co-producer.

Certificate: PG Length: 91 mins approx
Cast: Nancy Travis, Scott Bairstow, Jamie Renee Smith, Holland Taylor