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Trail of Tears DVD NEW
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Trail of Tears

Annie Cook and Cheryl Harris’ lives are shattered when they both fall victim to the same horrible crime: their ex-husbands have kidnapped their children. The women join forces in a desperate fight to regain their most precious possessions.


Two very different women join forces to embark upon a desperate cross-country search for their abducted children in this emotionally charged drama, starring actress-singer KATEY SAGAL (Married with Children) and Mork & Mindy’s PAM DAWBER.

Annie Cook (Sagal) and Cheryl Harris (Dawber) have nothing in common except that they have both fallen victim to the same horrible crime: their ex-husbands have abducted their children.

United by tragedy, Annie and Cheryl set out to recover their most precious possessions, and soon a very special supportive bond is forged between the two women as they ride a rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows and their hopes are raised, dashed, then raised again.

Despite the women’s ordeal, TRAIL OF TEARS does not demonise the husbands who have taken their children, but shows how all parties use blame and justification - and how everyone suffers - when families split apart.

TRAIL OF TEARS also stars WILLIAM RUSS (Wiseguy), JEFFREY NORDLING (Once and Again) and EILEEN BRENNAN (Oscar® nominee for Private Benjamin).

It is written by MATTHEW BOMBECK (A Family Torn Apart) and directed by DONALD WRYE (double Oscar® nominee for the documentaries The Numbers Start with the River and The Impression of John Steinbeck: Writer).

Certificate: PG Length: 88 mins approx
Cast: Katey Sagal, Pam Dawber, William Russ, Jeffrey Nordling