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Trapped in a Purple Haze DVD NEW
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Trapped in a Purple Haze

Pressured to succeed by his ambitious mother, gifted teenager Max Hanson turns to about the worst solace possible: drugs. As his life spirals out of control, only a confrontation with his mother can save him.


If you love someone, set them free: advice that well-meaning but overbearing mother Sophie Hanson would have been wise to heed when she started to pressure her talented teenage son, Max, into pursuing he career of her choice.

The devastating and potentially deadly effects of her actions form the subject of the compelling domestic drama TRAPPED IN A PURPLE HAZE, whose cast features two of today’s most prominent young stars: JONATHAN JACKSON (General Hospital) and HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (Anakin Skywalker in Episodes II and III of the Star Wars saga).

Max Hanson (Jackson) seems to have it all. But beneath the perfect façade, Max’s world is falling apart. While his father Ed (COLM FEORE, Chicago) tries to be supportive, his mother Sophie (Oscar® nominee JoBETH WILLIAMS, The Big Chill) relentlessly pressures her reluctant son to abandon his dreams of becoming an ice-hockey star and pursue his artistic talents.

When Max falls for an attractive, vivacious classmate, Molly (CARLY POPE, Popular), he thinks he sees his future getting brighter. But his problems have only just begun as Molly introduces him to a crazy world of wild parties and drugs.

As his infatuation with both Molly and the high life spirals out of control, Max gets kicked off the hockey team and Sophie puts even more pressure on him to achieve the artistic glory that eluded her.

In a haze of confusion and rising danger, Max runs away from home and tragedy strikes, depriving him of everything he ever cared about.
But it is Sophie who will have to endure a dramatic confrontation in order to save her fallen child.

TRAPPED IN A PURPLE HAZE also stars ROBIN DUNNE (Dawson’s Creek) and AMY STEWART (Mark Twain and Me). It is written by MIMI SCHMIR (Party of Five) and directed by the Emmy Award®-winner ERIC LANEUVILLE, who is also well known as an actor for series such as St. Elsewhere and The Cop and The Kid.

Certificate: 18 Length: 89 mins approx
Cast: Jonathan Jackson, JoBeth Williams, Hayden Christensen