True Stories - Thriller 5 DVD Set + BONUS DVD

A collection of 6 thrilling movies presented together in this box set, totalling over 9 hours of entertainment for just 29.95.

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True Stories - Thriller 5 DVD Set + BONUS DVD
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When she shot her lover's wife, leaving the woman paralysed, Amy Fisher became the most notorious teenager in America and was portrayed as promiscuous and immoral. But LETHAL LOLITA tells Amy's story from her own point of view. Did she deserve the tough justice she received? Or was she an innocent who was seduced and corrupted by a feckless married man when she was barely more than a child? This sensational study of a case of near-fatal attraction that rocked America stars Noelle Parker (Sisters) and Ed Marinaro (Hill Street Blues).

They called him 'The Baby Maker', and to married couples desperate to have children but unable to conceive, he seemed like the answer to their prayers. But behind Dr. Cecil Jacobsen's seemingly honourable motives lay a much darker reality about the paternity of the children he helped to 'create'.
His shocking story and its ethical consequences are examined in SEEDS OF DECEPTION, starring Melissa Gilbert (Shattered Trust, The Miracle Worker, Little House on the Prairie) and George Dzundza (Basic Instinct, The Deer Hunter, Law & Order).

Faye Dunaway, the Oscar winning star of such cinematic milestones as Bonnie & Clyde and Chinatown, gives a powerhouse performance as a domineering mother in this explosive drama about two lethal con-artists who inveigle their way into the household of a struggling single mother (Desperate Housewives' Nicollette Sheridan) and threaten her relationship with her beloved daughters.
With Ernie Lively (Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story), Michael O'Keefe (Too Young to Die?) and Tracey Ellis (The Last of the Mohicans).

Was Dr Sam Sheppard guilty of one of the most shocking crimes in American criminal history? Or was he the innocent whose life was destroyed by a crime he'd never committed? These are the questions facing Sheppard's son as he embarks on an urgent quest to prove his father's innocence.
Based on the true story that inspired the classic TC series and hit movie The Fugitive, DEATH IN THE SHADOWS stars Peter Strauss (Rich Man, Poor Man) and Henry Czerny (Mission: Impossible).

When Nancy Lyon dies from arsenic poisoning, her death shocks Dallas high society, and no-one can unravel the intrigue surrounding her demise. But to Assistant D.A. Jerri Sims, it seems like someone's about to get away with murder - and that only the ultimate secret will betray the killer.
Starring Richard Thomas (The Waltons, Wonder Bours), Tess Harper (Tender Mercies, Crimes of the Heart) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Missing, Thirteen) in an early role, this compelling murder mystery charts how power and money can keep people together while murder can tear them apart.


Eighteen-year-old Stacy Sapp runs away from her overbearing mother for a new life of freedom and adventure on the road. The nave girl teams up with Richard Brown, a handsome, charismatic young criminal. With Stacy blind to his unbalanced personality, Richard creates a manipulative scheme to hold her hostage and demand thousands of dollars in ransom from her terrified parents - a plot with dire consequences.
This tense drama stars Tracey Gold (Growing Pains), Thomas Calabro (Melrose Place), Bess Armstrong (High Road to China), Nick Searcy (American Gothic) and Terence Knox (St Elsewhere).