Warren Miller's Journey (2004) Extreme Skiing DVD

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Warren Miller's Journey (2004) Extreme Skiing DVD
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Warren Miller's Journey (2004) Extreme Skiing and Snowboarding DVD

Warren Miller, assisted by skiing legend Glen Plake, takes you on the journey of a lifetime. Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller embarks on an exceptional journey to the backcountry of British Columbia. Skiers and Kayakers dive into the depths of Morocco, discovering a mystical adventure in a mysterious place. Next hold onto your seat as Micah Black and Kent Kreitler ride out the surging snow on the 45 degree steeps of Cordova, Alaska.

And finally, Warren Miller himself makes a comeback on the big screen, cruising through powder as he takes us on a private ski adventure to his personal playground, the Yellowstone Club. With a grace that can only develop from more than 54 years of skiing the World, Miller is still blasting down the mountains at the remarkable age of 78.

The regional DVD information is not stated on the packaging, so please ensure you have a multiregion DVD player prior to purchase, thank you.