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When Husbands Cheat DVD NEW
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When Husbands Cheat

A woman develops a reputation for catching other women’s unfaithful husbands but faces an unenviable task of her own..


A woman develops a professional reputation for catching other women’s cheating husbands – then faces the unenviable task of trapping her own in WHEN HUSBANDS CHEAT, the highly entertaining drama starring PATRICIA KALEMBER (thirtysomething, Sisters) and TOM IRWIN (My So-Called Life, The Haunting).

Ohio housewife Tess McCall is a middle-aged mother of two who enjoys a happy home life with her husband, Craig.
But even playing ‘mom’ to two teenage kids does not present sufficient a challenge for Tess, and when other women confide theirs fears about their unfaithful husbands she puts on her dark glasses and takes up spying.

What starts out as an amateur pursuit soon turns into a full-time profession, and Tess succeeds in helping jilted wives to face the truth about their errant husbands – one such client is Sally Russell (BRENDA VACCARO, Once Is Not Enough, Supergirl), a celebrity Martha Stewart-style ‘homemaker’, who hires Tess to spy on her less-than-perfect husband, Jason.

But catching unsuspecting philanderers is one thing: getting the goods on a police officer is another – especially when he happens to be your own husband! Are Craig’s suspicious activities genuine cheating or legitimate undercover police work?

Like any good detective, Tess goes with her instincts, but she soon finds out more than she bargained for.

WHEN HUSBANDS CHEAT is written by ALAN HINES (The Interrogation of Michael Crowe) and directed by RICHARD A. COLLA (Judith Krantz’s ‘Dazzle’, Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer).

Certificate: 15 Length: 87 mins approx
Cast: Patricia Kalember, Tom Irwin, Brenda Vaccaro