AbTrak Best Body System

The fast and easy way to get washboard abs and to burn fat!

Target the entire core and mid section with the Abtrak system, the fast and easy way to get washboard abs and to burn fat for slimmer buns and thighs and a beautiful toned tummy.

The Abtrak is perfect for all levels of fitness and you can begin to see results in just minutes a day.

AbTrak Best Body System
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Benefits and Features:
  • 3 levels of resistance
  • Works entire mid-section
  • Easy storage and set-up
  • Burn fat fast
  • Uses the power of gravity to get guaranteed results
  • Great cardio workout

What’s included:
  • Your Abtrak machine
  • Abtrak computer which monitors reps, time,
  • calories and distance
  • Health and weight loss guide
  • Exercise and nutritional diary
  • Motivational DVD
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee

Customer Testimonials:
Johnny, 27, Personal Trainer
It's a really cool exercise to do and fun too!

Pablo, 29, Builder
You can feel the Abtrak working your core straight away. It gives you that lovely V shape and a nice small waist.

Deana, 42, Mum
Being able to do different movements on the Abtrak allows me to get a full body workout in just minutes a day!

Nicola, 25, Secretary
With the Abtrak I'm finally targeting my love handles!
It's just so easy to use.