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IF YOU feel technology is leaving you behind and you don’t know your iPad from your elbow; Twitter is something that birds do; and Facebook means looking at a book to read, then you are probably one of hundreds of thousands who feel isolated from the outside world, with everyone speaking a strange new language.

NOT being a part of this new technology can leave people feeling left behind and lonely; perhaps you acknowledge that you should know what to do with an android tablet but not really knowing where to begin.

Welcome to the 21st century
Age should not be a barrier to learning something new. And learning to use an android tablet could help improve memory while at the same time bringing you into the twenty first century; allowing you to keep in touch with family and friends near and far.

Staying in touch
Technology can be of great benefit to people of all ages, especially older generations as a means of keeping in touch or with online shopping if getting out of the house is becoming more difficult. Perhaps getting to the library is no longer an option, with an android tablet you have a whole world of books, newspapers and magazines at your fingertips.

The world at your fingertips
You can break into this new technology with an Android Tablet from Pressplay. From browsing the web and online shopping to keeping up with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Skype – the digital world is at your fingertips with this simple-to-use tablet. And we will show you what to do and how to do it.

Social Networking Explained
Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short messages known as ‘Tweets’. Facebook is another social networking site that allows users to post photographs and events that are happening in their lives to keep up with friends and family around the world. Skype allows you to talk to and see at the same time friends and family who also have Skype – like a telephone with live pictures. And if you order our book ‘One Step at a Time’, this will explain how WiFi works and help get you connected so that you can ‘surf’ the great world wide web (or internet as it’s usually known).

Never miss out
The Pressplay Tablet lets you catch-up on your favourite TV programmes through BBC IPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 (Channel 4 and associated channels). It is pre-loaded with the following apps to keep you up to date and entertained:- BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All Four, Demand 5, BBC iPlayer Radio, BBC Sport, Mailonline, Sky News; and games - Crossword, Solitaire, Sudoko, Scrabble; keep in touch with loved ones through Skype and Gmail. You can download films and music through Playstore, and with the Amazon Kindle app it will transform the tablet into a library of books for your complete enjoyment.

Take it anywhere
The compact design means you can take the Pressplay Tablet with you wherever you go – play a game at home, read the latest news ‘on the go.’ And with two cameras – one on the front for Skype, self-photographs (selfies) and recordings, and one on the back – you can take photographs and video recordings wherever you are.

Millions of apps
It’s so easy to create an account to gain access to millions of free and paid for apps – including news and weather, social media, eReader, games and more, and we show you how.

Plenty of storage
Each Tablet can store vast quantities of music, films, books and data, and while the Pressplay Tablet has a storage memory of 16GB, this can be increased and we recommend investing in our ULTIMA PRO HIGH SPEED Storage Card – available in two sizes – 16GB, which increase storage capacity to 24GB or 32GB card, increasing the storage capacity to 40GB.

Incredible size and speed
The big 10.1” touch screen has 1024 x 600 resolution for clarity, and with a host of features that could make life feel a little better and less complicated. Bluetooth allows connection to speakers and other Bluetooth wireless devices; GPS allows you to plan a route to any destination you require; FM radio allowing you to listen to all your favourite programmes; fast quad core processor allows for quicker downloading of apps and information; 5000mAh battery power for longer life between re-charges and it comes complete with an AC power cable and easy-to- follow operating instructions.

Save on household bills too
Now you can impress your children and grandchildren with your knowledge of the internet. And you can easily cut your household bills by using comparison websites to reduce car and home insurance, energy bills and even your shopping bills can be cut by comparing prices across your favourite supermarkets.

Now With More Memory - 16GB

Nano Hi-Tech Invisible Liquid Screen Protector - Protects against water and scratch damage. Protect all your screens from your mobile phone to your tablet. So easy to apply in three easy steps, and gives 9H hardness anti-scratch protection. JUST £9.95*

Our ULTIMA PRO HIGH SPEED SD CARDS allow you to store HD & 3D movies, video, MP3, pictures and more on to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. High speed transmission of data at up to 40mb per second. Complete with adapter to fi t regular SD slots.
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