Max Knee Support

Neoprene Infused with Titanium insulates and supports your knee joint and muscles leading to FASTER PAIN RELIEF and RECOVERY FROM INJURY.

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Max Knee Support
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Innovative neoprene support infused with titanium technology insulates your own body heat, keeping warmth in and providing healing support for aching knee joints and muscles, helping to increase circulation and bring soothing relief to injury-prone knees.

Knee Brace with Open Patella helps Stabilising and Recovery Wear while training or playing
sport to provide support and help prevent damage. Or after sport to help improve healing time from minor injuries, wear and tear.

The adjustable design allows flexibility to increase or decrease support and compression if swelling is present. Wear under clothing, the Max Knee Support provides medial and lateral support. One size fits most. Manufactured from 78% Polyamide (nylon), 20% Chloroprene Rubber Sponge, 2% Polyurethane + TI-Metal. Hand wash only in cold water.